Gotham Consulting Partners - Overview

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Gotham partners with private equity firms and their portfolio companies to rapidly firm up and convert strategic and operational opportunities into superior economic performance and strategically sound decision making.

For private equity firms, we assist in the due diligence process and create, evaluate, and validate investment strategies.

  • Our operational, market, and customer due diligence assistance is greatly enhanced by our deep operations and niche market analysis expertise, enabling our clients to identify issues and find value where others often can not. Whether we are conducting due diligence for a target in an auction situation with limited information availability or we have full disclosure by the target, the competitive advantage Gotham provides can make the difference between a successful or failed deal.
  • Our proactive investment strategy assistance allows our private equity clients to identify and evaluate attractive industry niches based on their investment criteria, thus providing them with a significant strategic advantage in this very competitive deal market.

For portfolio companies with top-line growth, cost reduction, and operational capability enhancement needs or untapped opportunities, we work closely with the management team to rapidly craft strategy, effect operational change, and create fact-based/performance-driven organization, resulting in improved financial results in a very short time.

  • Our top-line growth assistance allows our portfolio company clients to enhance their sales and marketing effectiveness and to identify product/service and market niches that complement and augment their current market position and will deliver targeted growth whether organically or through add-on acquisitions.
  • Our operations improvement assistance ensures that our clients reach a fuller recognition of alternatives and achieve more effective decision-making — resulting in breakthrough solutions that consistently meet aggressive performance targets and timelines. Whether at a profitable company, an underperforming business, or a firm looking to build new supply chain capabilities or create new markets, our insights and recommendations have helped our clients gain significant value by capturing cost savings opportunities, developing new capabilities, and avoiding costly capital investments that would not lead to adequate financial returns.