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Gotham offers a comprehensive suite of value creation services throughout the private equity investment lifecycle that we selectively draw from and customize to best suit the needs of our private equity and portfolio company clients.

For Private Equity Firms

Customer & Market Due Diligence

We establish a clear picture of the target company’s market positioning and growth potential in even the most complex niche markets, leveraging our analytical rigor, broad industry expertise, bottom-up market sizing models, and extensive interviews.

Operational Due Diligence

We conduct Senior Operating Partner driven and highly analytical review of existing and prospective operating value and vulnerabilities of the target company. We then offer value-driven recommendations and a roadmap to maximize investment potential.

Proactive Investment Strategy

We identify and evaluate attractive industry niches based on our client’s investment criteria to enable proactive deal sourcing. We quickly provide unique insights into market dynamics, competitive landscape, and potential acquisition opportunities.

For Portfolio/Operating Companies

Pragmatic Growth Strategy

We develop a comprehensive market map to identify products and services offering greatest growth potential and then evaluate these opportunities in the framework of the company’s capabilities to generate a robust, actionable growth strategy.

Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

We help portfolio company management teams maximize revenue opportunity and return on investment through advanced marketing analytics and effective management of the company's salesforce.

Rapid Operations Improvements

Our operations improvements assistance covers every aspect of a company’s operations and cost structure. We quickly develop a robust fact-based assessment of the company’s operations and work with the management team to develop an actionable implementation plan.

Post-Merger Integration And Carve-Out Planning

In situations where the company is pursuing an add-on acquisition or in carve-out situations, we work with the management team to develop a post- merger integration/carve-out plan to ensure successful integration/creation of standalone company.

Exit Preparation/Positioning

We help maximize portfolio company exit valuations by providing a robust, compelling growth and operational story. We develop a well thought-out, executable plan for future value creation - creating a strategic blueprint for the next owner.

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