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Why Gotham?

A Private Equity consulting firm offering great diversity of work, unparalleled learning opportunity, and first-hand exposure to consulting, private equity, and industry leaders

Gotham Consulting Partners specializes in working with Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies on their most impactful C-level challenges. Serving leading firms throughout the investment lifecycle, Gotham consultants are exposed to a wide spectrum of potential and current portfolio companies, encompassing a variety of sizes, industries, and challenges.

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A Different Kind of Consulting Firm

Working at Gotham is not your “ordinary” consulting job. Rather it is a commitment to deliver excellence, gain/enhance core skills for your professional and personal success, and make a meaningful difference by maximizing our PE clients’ investment success and value creation.

Our consultants take a data-driven approach to solve complex real-world business problems, working directly with and learning from Senior consultants and Operating Partners in an entrepreneurial environment.

Great Diversity of Work

As a Gotham consultant, you quickly gain exposure to many different industries, companies, and project types/challenges. We work with manufacturing, distribution, and service companies in industries across a wide swath of the economy, including healthcare, food & beverage, and energy to name a few. These companies run the gamut in size and sophistication – from small family-owned businesses looking to professionalize to larger global players looking to find and capture whitespace growth and operational efficiencies.

Our consultants tackle core management issues on both the growth and cost sides of the equation. As such, as a member of the Gotham team, you typically would be involved in such due diligence activities as establishing market and competitive dynamics, building market sizing models, and conducting interviews. For portfolio companies, you might find yourself performing detailed analyses of financials and operations and advising company leaders on both operational and business strategies.

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Unparalleled Learning Opportunity

Gotham is known and valued for the high quality of our analytics, communications, and thinking. As a Gotham consultant, you hone your skills in all three arenas, laying a top-notch foundation for professional and personal success.

Our data-driven analytics ensure robust and accurate problem-solving, with our consultants learning how to rapidly manipulate large data sets, readily interpret what the data is telling us, and develop reliable conclusions to support impactful decision-making.  Our world-class communications resources teach our consultants how to develop precise and clear messages and build a compelling narrative of our conclusions.  Our simultaneous focus on the big picture and details and our innovative thinking ensure reliable, value-added insights.  In short, as a Gotham consultant, you learn how to deliver excellence in all circumstances.

Extraordinary Colleagues

Recruited from the top engineering and business schools as well as from industry, our team is composed of superior and proactive problem-solvers who are looking to make a difference. Gotham consultants are intelligent, ambitious, and personable individuals who embrace challenges and are willing and able to assume multiple responsibilities. Our consultants are entrepreneurial and are motivated by and value: working with and learning from senior people; substantive intellectual challenges; and clear ownership of the content and quality of the workstream. We work in a collegial environment where people make life-long friendships with their colleagues.

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Excited about opportunities at Gotham?