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People & Roles

Diversity of challenges for the brightest minds

At Gotham, our people are our single most important asset. Ours is a close-knit culture of excellence, and we gain great satisfaction from working with each other, as well as with our client counterparts. Our company comprises exceptional men and women whose varied backgrounds, unexpected interests, and remarkable lives contribute to their individual and our collective success.

Gotham consultants have strong values and superior analytical capabilities. The work we do requires a certain type of person – always passionate about raising the bar on what is possible and singularly focused on doing whatever it takes to help clients succeed. These are the qualities that drive and enable us to create impactful value for our clients.

Business Analysts play a critical role in engagements and interact with clients on all levels, from executives to floor employees. They research markets, conduct interviews, analyze financials, and gather and interpret operational information in order to build solid analytical foundations that inform our findings, recommendations, and ultimately, decision-making on behalf of the client’s best interests.

Associates own and manage major segments of engagements – from initial hypotheses to implementation of solutions. As such, they: develop thought frameworks and actionable workplans that properly focus the engagement; manage fact base creation; develop solutions; and work with clients to implement lasting changes.

Vice Presidents provide day-to-day hands-on management of engagements and client relationships. They bring thought leadership, unbiased perspective, and “how-to” support to clients and the Gotham team to ensure the quality and timeliness of deliverables and decisions.

Principals provide overall leadership on engagements and manage client relationships. They ensure that clients achieve their objectives and become trusted advisors to their clients.

Beyond contributing to our clients’ success, each of our professionals plays an active role in developing and growing Gotham itself, with the latter including training/team building, expanding the firm’s market presence, and driving thought leadership.

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