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Salesforce Effectiveness

We assist management teams in developing an effective sales engine, including:

  • Strategy: Articulated and agreed-to sales strategy outlining explicit objectives, success measures, and winning selling proposition
  • Organization: Salesforce capability to best execute the strategy and compensation systems that align to create right motivation
  • Process: Disciplined fact-based processes to accelerate and increase success of sales cycle
  • Tools: Adequate tools/systems to provide proper monitoring and feedback
Direct Marketing Services Company
Operations Diagnostic of Direct Marketing Services Company:  Establishing “One Company” Organization and Operations to Realize Cost Synergies 

Conducted a 5-week operations diagnostic of a recently acquired portfolio company to identify cost reduction opportunities and establish organizational and operations end-visions. Gotham undertook an extensive analytic effort to reconcile and align data from 3 separate, independently operating systems corresponding to each business unit and create in-depth profiles of purchasing spend and labor efficiency. We also identified opportunities to improve salesforce effectiveness, including salesforce restructuring and a new compensation system. Finally, working with management, Gotham developed a “One Company” organizational structure to eliminate disconnect and facilitate savings opportunity capture within and among the 3 business units. Following the diagnostic, management launched efforts to capture these opportunities, which were expected to improve the company’s EBITDA margins by 6+ percentage points.

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Multi-disciplinary Engineering Services Firm
Operations Improvements at Multi-disciplinary Engineering Services Firm:  Improving Profitability and Revenue Performance

Conducted a 6-week operations assessment to turn around the company’s margin performance and position it for a successful exit in 2-3 years’ time. Analyzed historical project and employee utilization performance; developed target staffing leverage model; and created target business development model to improve efficiency of business development effort while driving profitable revenue growth. Our detailed assessment gave our client a solid understanding and roadmap of the levers to achieve the target margin performance (5-7% points growth); client requested Gotham to provide ongoing support through quarterly performance audits.

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Professional Staffing Company
Operations Improvement at Entrepreneurial Staffing Company:  Dissecting Job Profitability and Redesigning Commission Structure to Improve EBITDA Margins 

Conducted a 4-week operations assessment to establish levers to turn around the company’s EBITDA margin performance: 1) dissected the company’s cost and job performance, by cleaning/reconciling raw data from disjointed staffing and ERP software systems, mapping detailed general ledger costs to jobs, and creating job profitability profiles; 2) redesigned sales and recruiting commission structure for a 25% improvement in EBITDA; and 3) developed robust KPI-based reports required for managing cost and profitability moving forward.

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