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Service Operations Improvements

We assist service company management teams in improving the performance of their operations, including:

  • Project/ Job Profitability: Segmenting and analyzing projects/jobs to establish profitability drivers and identify improvement opportunities
  • Staffing Model/ Utilization: Developing staffing model to create leverage and improve labor utilization
  • Labor Multiplier/ Pricing: Developing strategic pricing approach as to maximize labor multiplier
  • Field Service Operations: Developing strategies and tools to reduce field service visits and optimize routing to minimize “windshield time”
  • Branch Network/ Operations: Optimizing branch networks, streamlining organizations and processes, and implementing systems/tools and KPIs/measurement to optimize overhead cost structure and improve operational performance.
Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services
Customer & Market Due Diligence of Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services Company:  Establishing Target’s Brand Reputation and Growth Opportunities

Conducted 4-week customer & market due diligence to:  (1) validate defensibility of target’s residential business; (2) establish/confirm growth opportunity in the commercial business; and (3) validate the opportunity to expand into the water damage restoration market. Gotham undertook an exhaustive fact-based approach:  consumer panel and customer surveys; commercial customer surveys and interviews across 11 end-markets; deep-dive analysis of several years of job-level data; and detailed competitive landscapes in each of the target’s territories. Gotham’s fact-based conclusions allowed our client to gain confidence in defensibility of the target’s market position and viability of its growth plan leading to the successful close of the transaction.       

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Multi-disciplinary Engineering Services Firm
Operations Improvements at Multi-disciplinary Engineering Services Firm:  Improving Profitability and Revenue Performance

Conducted a 6-week operations assessment to turn around the company’s margin performance and position it for a successful exit in 2-3 years’ time. Analyzed historical project and employee utilization performance; developed target staffing leverage model; and created target business development model to improve efficiency of business development effort while driving profitable revenue growth. Our detailed assessment gave our client a solid understanding and roadmap of the levers to achieve the target margin performance (5-7% points growth); client requested Gotham to provide ongoing support through quarterly performance audits.

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Professional Staffing Company
Operations Improvement at Entrepreneurial Staffing Company:  Dissecting Job Profitability and Redesigning Commission Structure to Improve EBITDA Margins 

Conducted a 4-week operations assessment to establish levers to turn around the company’s EBITDA margin performance: 1) dissected the company’s cost and job performance, by cleaning/reconciling raw data from disjointed staffing and ERP software systems, mapping detailed general ledger costs to jobs, and creating job profitability profiles; 2) redesigned sales and recruiting commission structure for a 25% improvement in EBITDA; and 3) developed robust KPI-based reports required for managing cost and profitability moving forward.

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