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About Us

Results We Deliver

Our combination of high-level, top-down strategic analysis and our analytical, bottom-up approach enables meaningful, fact-based discourse and provides pragmatic platforms for implementing our recommendations – translating into valuable results for our clients.

In our due diligence assignments, we: create a clear picture of market realities and growth opportunities, customer perceptions of the target, and operational realities and opportunities; identify hidden EBITDA and working capital and CapEx avoidance opportunities; and uncover potential issues with the investment, enabling our clients to win auctions, avoid “bad deals”, and create proactive plans for value creation post-acquisition. The following exemplify the due diligence results we deliver:

  • Enabled an auction win of a Leading In-Store Bakery Supplier

Established 9-15% CAGR consumer conversion growth opportunity through consumer surveys, retailer executive/ category buyer interviews, in- store bakery employee survey, and complex market size matrix modeling

  • Helped establish growth potential and operational scalability of a Senior Home Care Services Provider

Established $1.8B, 8% CAGR growth market; determined target was well-positioned with its referral base; analyzed billing/payroll data and assessed operational practices to validate scale differentiation

  • Enabled pre-emptive bid to avoid an auction of a Testing Services Provider

Established 10+% margin improvement opportunities through labor/purchasing and fixed cost leveraging; determined that better scheduling can provide capacity to support 3x projected volume growth

  • Enabled an early stage go/no-go decision on a National Coffee Roaster and Distributor

Created a clear picture of target’s operations and DSD network cost structure – while significant cost reduction opportunities existed; capturing those savings posed significant culture and business strategy challenges


In our portfolio company assignments, we quickly dissect the company’s business and operations and generate a focused, actionable plan that is owned by the management team. Often, we continue on to assist the management team in implementing the plan – results are typically visible within 4 to 8 weeks. We deliver high-quality results in a very expeditious and affordable manner, with top-line growth accelerating to 10+% CAGR, cost reductions of 15+%, and inventory reductions of 25+%, as exemplified below:

  • Developed a multi-pronged growth strategy to achieve 14% CAGR growth (>2x market growth) for an Electronics Component Supplier

Established competitive positioning and identified addressable market niches by analyzing sales/ customer data, conducting 170 interviews/1,900 surveys of customers/ prospects, and building a bottom-up market sizing model

  • Developed a solid operations roadmap to achieve 5-7% margin growth at an Engineering Services Firm

Analyzed historical project and employee utilization performance, developed staffing leverage model, created business development model to improve efficiency while driving growth, and developed strategic pricing approach

  • Cut COGS by 19% at a Global Industrial Products Company

Developed comprehensive strategy for capturing cost savings through global network configuration, overhead reduction, automation, Mexico relocation, product strategy, fulfillment strategy, purchasing initiatives, outsourcing, and measurement systems

  • Implemented network-wide operating system to improve EBITDA by 60+% at a Foodservice Beverage Manufacturer/Co-Packer

Turned around plant performance by implementing a system for downtime tracking & reporting, maintenance response, waste tracking & reporting, statistical inventory targets & production scheduling, and goal boards

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